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Most Predicted Food Trends of 2019

Every year various food industry experts dish out a list of food trends that will take off in the next year. The end of 2018 saw various reports from companies such as UberEats, Walmart, Delish, BBC Good Food, among a variety of others.

Fleischkonsum in Deutschland

Fleisch ist ein Stück Lebenskraft- so lautete ein Werbeslogan früherer Tage.Die globale Fleischproduktion hat sich in den letzten 50 Jahren fast vervierfacht von 84 Millionen Tonnen 1965 auf 330 Millionen im Jahr 2017.

Introducing: Neapolitan Cuisine

Neapolitan cuisine was usually defined as essentially poor, as it was the everyday cuisine of the common people. The bourgeoisie and a considerable part of the aristocracy forced the common people to save on food to be able to afford to create meals that matched the popular Naples saying "ca si no pare brutto" which means “the food must taste great”.

AVOCADO: The Super Fruit

Avocado is a real superstar in the field of nutrition, and has become an indispensable ingredient in restaurant kitchens. However, in 2017, Amsterdam became the first city to fully express its love for the avocado.

What you should know about cheese

It's not easy to choose the best cheese for yourself and your family. The amount and variety of choice can be overwhelming and sometimes you don’t even know why you should consider choosing a specific one.